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The Split Level Addition home is a popular trendy home for now a day. This style of home is sometimes referred to as a one and a half story house because it has a stair up to a second-floor and have separated zone between the private area and the reception area.

Explore our range of split level home designs, ideal for sloping blocks. Sloping sites often offer the greatest views, affordable land prices, or are simply easier to buy. However, most project home builders don't want to know about them. In fact, even custom, master builders often shy away from challenging sites.

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Split-Level House Plans As a type of floor plan and also an exterior style, houses with a split-level design are easy to identify both inside and out. Closely related to bi-level houses , these plans have an entry level as well as stacked living and sleeping areas, which is why they are sometimes referred to as tri-level homes.

Split Level House Plans The relaxed and informal split level house plan caters to growing families, with separate spaces for daily activities. The middle level of the house plan often contains the living and dining area, the upper level holds the bedrooms, and the lower lever typically features a finished family room and garage.

Split-level home plans were originally based on Frank Lloyd Wright Arts and Crafts design, a very simple, comfortable and open style. While your typical Wright-designed house is on the higher end of cost, however, the split-level was designed to be economical.