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Minimalist Japanese Residence Blends Privacy With An Airy

Snowy Holiday House. A warm and cozy cabin in the snowy woods is tucked away for those special holiday gatherings. The crisp white of the snow accents the natural colors outside and the restrained colors inside too. It's meant to be simple and just right for enjoying our friends and family when it's time to enjoy the people in your life!

Low-growing shrubs or groundcover should be planted in front of low windows and porches. Larger rounded shrubs or small trees work well planted on the corners of your home. These larger plants will frame up your house and help soften the box-like structure. Remember to create a small bed in your front yard for annual color.

Online tools that help you redesign your home. Getting your home to look the way you want isn't always easy. But with the help of these online tools, you can try out different ideas before you buy

Part 1 Getting Inspired 1. Come up with a basic vision. Before you draw a single line, 2. Look through architecture publications. 3. Tour neighborhoods with houses that spark your imagination. 4. Take photographs of attractive houses to study later.

How to Design and Build Your Own House - Building Your House Research local city and county building codes. Contact your county government and obtain the necessary building permits. Determine how the property will be reached by roads. Plan how you'll get water to the house. Work with the builder

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